Who We Serve

Government Agencies

Tackle fraud, waste, and abuse to prevent improper payments with our AI-powered payment integrity solutions.

Equip Your Agency With the Power of AI

Leverage our AI-powered solutions to issue intelligent, highly accurate payments. Our solutions are tailor-made to fit your organization’s needs — ensuring maximum support.

Reduce Improper Payment Rates

We tackle fraud, waste, abuse, and billing errors to ensure more accurate and defensible payments to your providers.

  • AI-Powered Protection

    Partner with us to leverage advanced AI technology and proactively track trends in fraud, waste, and abuse.

  • Educate Your Providers

    We collaborate with your providers and educate them on best billing practices to prevent future waste and billing errors.

  • Reallocate Healthcare Spend

    Reinvest in preventive care initiatives with savings generated from fewer overpayments.

Stop Chasing Overpayments

Proactively tackle fraud, waste, abuse, and billing errors at the point of inception. Issue accurate reimbursements upfront, and prevent abrasive downstream clawbacks.