AI-Powered Bill Reviews

We’ve equipped our clinical team with the power of AI.

Our proprietary OCR system digitizes unstructured itemized bills, medical records, and other supporting documentation to most efficiently review line charges and clinical details — finding you more savings in less time.

Process Unstructured Itemized Bills

Our proprietary OCR technology scans, extracts, and standardizes data from each individual line charge embedded within unstructured charge and medical documentation.

Analyze Claim Data for Billing Errors

Standardized line charge details are analyzed using millions of data points and customizable edits — swiftly and accurately detecting errors and overcharges.

Compile Errors and Maximize Savings

Our experienced clinical team of certified coders and registered nurses efficiently compile findings and associated discrepant charges — maximizing your savings in a fraction of the time.

Itemized Bill &
Clinical Chart Review

Our forensic bill reviews ensure adherence to plan policies and industry guidelines. We review facility bills for errors such as unbundling while ensuring the accuracy of more complex claims such as Implants, Surgeries, and Specialty Rx.

Expert Clinical Review

We utilize registered nurses, certified coders, and certified billers to ensure the validity, accuracy, and defensibility of our findings.

Diagnoses-Related Group (DRG) Validation

Our clinical review team examines each claim and corresponding medical record to verify the validity of the DRG assignment and associated charges given the coded diagnoses, procedures, and discharge statuses.

Proprietary AI Technology

Our proprietary OCR and NLP technologies continue to get smarter with each bill reviewed — guaranteeing increasingly accurate, long-term protection.

Review Claims 5x Faster

Our cutting-edge technology ensures that our comprehensive reviews are completed 5x faster than industry standards — eliminating friction and allowing you to reimburse providers on time.

Save 22% More

Our technology-driven approach to tackling fraud, waste, and abuse allows us to save our clients an unprecedented 22% average above industry discount rates.

Explore Our Claims
Review Platform

Transparency Brought to Claim Reviews

Partner with us and discover a reinvented way to view, sort, and gain insight from your claims data.

Our cutting-edge, highly transparent Claims Review Platform provides you with real-time insights on your claims — from discrepant charge details, to review status and delivered savings — displaying all of the information you need in one central location.