About us

Solving Healthcare’s Most Expensive Problem

We’re using AI and machine learning to proactively tackle the $300B lost to medical claim fraud, waste, and abuse in the US each year.

Our approach

Transforming Healthcare Payments

We’re bringing transparency to healthcare payments so that providers and payers can focus on what matters most — providing patients the best care at the best prices.

  • Healthcare Experts & Technologists

    We’re bringing healthcare industry leaders, domain experts, and industry-leading technologists together to disrupt the way that medical claims are reviewed and paid.

  • AI & Machine Learning

    We leverage next-generation technologies to proactively eliminate billing errors, fraud, waste, and abuse in medical claims.

  • Proactive Payment Integrity

    We forensically review medical claims well in advance of payment — introducing a more proactive approach to payment integrity that eliminates downstream waste and friction

Careers at Alaffia Health

Join Us and Transform the Future of Healthcare

Leverage your hard-earned expertise to revolutionize the healthcare payments industry and reduce healthcare costs for millions of Americans.