Claims Editing

We’ve equipped our team of healthcare domain experts with the power of AI & machine learning to ensure highly defensible, accurate edits — every claim, every charge, every time.

Raising the Standard with Intelligent Edits

Alaffia harnesses the power of AI to process each and every claim. We leverage millions of data points from a variety of sources — historical claims data, national coding standards, and our team’s unparalleled expertise — providing you with customizable edits that are tailored to your specific needs and get smarter with each claim examined.

We leverage machine learning and our team of certified coders and registered nurses to ensure the reliability and defensibility of every edit applied.

AI & Machine Learning

We use AI to track trends in anomalous billing behavior and pend or deny payments in real-time — allowing us to prevent an incorrect payment before it occurs.

Reduced Provider Abrasion

We decrease provider abrasion through highly precise edits and our cooperative approach to processing claims — collaborating with providers and improving reimbursement cycles.

Streamlined Implementation

We offer seamless implementation through our integration with all major clearinghouses and adjudication systems — providing frictionless onboarding that keeps current claim processes intact.

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Review Platform

Transparency Brought to Claim Reviews

Partner with us and discover a reinvented way to view, sort, and gain insight from your claims data.

Our cutting-edge, highly transparent Claims Review Platform provides you with real-time insights on your claims — from discrepant charge details, to review status and delivered savings — displaying all of the information you need in one central location.