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The World’s First AI Assistant Built for Healthcare Payer Operations
Supercharge your claims operation with AI — automate complex tasks and reduce costs.
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Review Facility Claims 20x Faster With Ask Autodor

Ask Autodor helps healthcare payers and cost containment firms complete facility claim reviews faster than ever. From itemized bill and clinical chart reviews to utilization management and medical necessity determinations — your personal AI assistant has the breadth and expertise to assist you each step of the way.

Confidently Delegate Complex Tasks to Your AI Assistant

  • Process Medical Records for Key Information

    Autonomously summarize doctor's notes, patient treatment plans, medication administration records, and more.

  • Verify Evidence For Billed Charges

    Stop paying for never events by autonomously processing medical records for billed charge supporting evidence.

  • Enhance Clinical Validation

    Verify medical necessity for services, complete utilization reviews, and validate DRG assignments within minutes.

Instantly Source Clinical Guidelines and Billing Policies

  • Source Clinical Guidelines

    Quickly garner evidence-based clinical guidelines from reputable institutions and medical experts.

  • Search for Billing Codes and Policies

    Search and validate specific medical billing codes to verify billed charges.

  • Draft Determination Letters and Reports

    Leverage AI to instantly draft, edit, and supplement determination letters and claim edit rationale.

Your Facility Claim Reviews, Now Powered by AI

Process Unstructured Medical Records

Instantly summarize patient treatment plans, medical charts, lab results, and more.

Boost Staff Productivity and Margins

Complete 20x more reviews without expanding your workforce or increasing expenses.

Draft Determiniations Letters

Autonomously draft letters for payment, medical necessity, and utilization determinations.

Generate More Claim Savings

Enhance the breadth, depth, and accuracy of your claim reviews to find more savings.

Reduce Review Turnaround Time

Reduce claim review timelines from several days to less than 24 hours.

Trustworthy Results

To substantiate its responses, Ask Autodor provides direct references to the sources of its information.

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