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How it Works

Alaffia Health helps you save on hospital bills by finding errors and overcharges.

  • You submit your bill

    Upload your patient invoice and itemized bill sent from the hospital

  • We do the heavy-lifting

    We leverage our proprietary technology and team of billing experts to find hidden errors and present you with a detailed savings report

  • You save on your bill

    You use our savings report to have your hospital reduce the identified invalid charges

Real patients, real hospital bills, real savings

"I’ve previously heard about how important it is to ask your hospital for an itemized bill, but I never knew what to do with it. Alaffia reviewed it completely for free and helped me save. I would highly recommend their service!"
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"As a mother in a family of five, I'm constantly thinking about ways to protect my loved ones. Going forward, we'll be having Alaffia review all of our medical bills before we pay anything."
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Why is now the time to take control of your hospital bills?

With rising healthcare costs, too frequently patients are left on the hook for unaffordable medical bills. US medical debt has also reached an all-time high of $195B in 2019.

To help combat these longstanding trends, the federal government has passed a landmark piece of legislation, the No Surprises Act, which is poised to make the cost of healthcare more accurate and transparent for patients. This is a major piece of legislation that prevents patients from receiving surprise medical bills without any supporting documentation for what's being charged.  

If you’d like to learn more about other industry insights that will help you take control of you healthcare spending, please visit our knowledge center below.

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

  • I have a hospital bill that I haven’t paid yet. Can you help?

    Absolutely, we’re here to help! While we can’t guarantee that there will be savings on your bill, we have saved our clients over $10M on hospital bills and have previously delivered 90% savings on a single bill.

  • Can you help with any medical bill? Or do you only help with hospital bills?

    Today, we only support reviews of hospital bills. We’ll let you know if that’s ever to change in the future.

  • I received an invoice from the hospital but I don’t have my itemized bill. Can you still help?

    Absolutely! While we always encourage the patient to contact their hospital’s billing department to request an itemized bill as soon as they receive an invoice, we can help request as well if your bill meets certain criteria. 

  • When does Alaffia for Patients launch?

    We’re currently supporting select patients today on a limited roll-out basis. If you’d like to get exclusive updates and early access, please join the waitlist below!

We’ve Saved Our Clients Over $10M

Alaffia for Patients is launching soon. Join the waitlist below and get your first hospital bill reviewed completely for free.